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We provide specialist recycling services across Luton. We recycle a large variety of waste types, helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and their waste management costs at the same time. Call our team today for a free quote.

Waste Management Luton is committed to raising the standard of our performance throughout all aspects of our company. Through invention, service, expertise and capable employees, we’re committed to fulfill needing regulatory and stakeholder requirements and to wherever it’s possible, assist our customers in fulfilling the waste management strategies and objectives incumbent upon them.

We recognise the demands, to comply with proper legal and other requirements to which we subscribe, and for us to prevent pollution and conserve the surroundings on local, regional and potentially international scales and for us to consider measures to adapt our operations to better our environmental performance.

Our management system, operating functionality and environmental risks shall be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that sufficient resource is directed towards fulfilling our goals and goals, which are set on an annual basis to improve environmental performance.

Waste Management Luton is committed to engaging with our neighbours, customers and regulators to better understand their requirements or concerns. We will communicate with these stakeholders in accordance with our “Values’, via the publication of a Corporate Social Responsibility report.
Policy measures

Pursue constant improvements in environmental performance and company effectiveness through the operation of our externaly-certified Management System.

Identify environmental risks and use best practices, technological invention and due diligence to improve environmental performance and reduce our potential to cause pollution.

Encourage waste recycling and recovery, and endeavour to produce products and renewable energy to help displace non-sustainable use of natural resources.

Review the environmental credentials of our providers and contractors as required.

Enact energy efficiency goals and to measure resource consumption to take active measures on tracking and reporting carbon emissions to meet improvement goals.

Use stakeholder feedback to reassess policy and peformance in light of changed regulatory, environmental, social or ethical requirements.

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