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Luton WEEE Disposal

We offer services across Luton to help your business deal with all of its waste WEEE. For a free quote on the specialist services we provide, call our team today.

Computer Recycling in Luton

Waste Management Luton offers a specialist service for the collection, transportation and recycling of outdated computer and telecoms related hardware. Our services, which were founded upon an ethical ethos, are offered to businesses and Schools in Luton and surrounding towns & villages. We provide:

Cost Efficient solutions for the retirement of outdated office based electric/ electronic equipment
An efficient, proactive service.
Data Security- Destruction & Certification:

Our service includes complete destruction of data bearing media as standard. This package of destruction techniques was made to mitigate the risk of your data ever being got again. It has been integrated into our workflow in this manner as to minimise the risk of a apparatus being missed.

A Professional Service:

We offer our customers with a Professional Service that includes:
Trained & Qualified in-house workers.
Friendly, helpful staff, trained (and qualified) in Waste Management and IT.
Phone support for fast and simple booking.
An authorized Alternative

Advantage Tracking & Reporting

We do not merely issue waste transport notes at the stage of collecting your old equipment. In addition, we follow up with Part E Consignee returns, notify the Environment Agency of the consignment and issue a general certificate of the waste we recycled.

We also issue out complete certification, recording the hard disks and tapes that we destroyed, detailing the makes, models, serial numbers and any unique identifiers that they were labelled with- that way you understand that which we’ve had and what we did with it.

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