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Luton Mixed Dry Recycling

Our mixed dry recycling service has been designed to make recycling in the workplace easier, ensuring you get the very best value from your materials. Just call our team today for full details of the dry mixed recycling services we offer across Luton.

We identify the perfect way to gather materials that’s convenient for you. We realize that with smaller volumes and limited space it might be tricky to have one bin for every material flow. Combined dry recycling allows you to segregate into various bags but merely demands one bin for our collection.

Focus on greatest possible recycling rates

Unlike other suppliers, we do not put all your recycling into one bag. This damages things like paper and can lead to it becoming unrecyclable. Our focus is on the greatest possible recycling rates after collection and helping to spread the recycling message among staff.

Separating the recycled waste

By giving distinct bags for cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and cans in modest, convenient, internal recycling units, clients can still segregate for maximum recycling. These bags then get put into one larger bin that we gather with our network of recycling collection vehicles and then bale at our recycling facilities prepared for reprocessing. Combined dry recycling gives a simple and affordable strategy to increase your recycling rates and lower your landfill costs.

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