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Luton Food Waste Disposal

We can offer your business services to help dispose of all of its food waste in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. For full details, just call our helpful team today and get a free, no-obligation quote on our services.

Every year in the UK 6.7million tonnes of food waste are disposed of in landfills causing odour as it decomposes, bringing vermin and damaging the ecosystem.

Waste Management Luton offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposal of food waste.

Kerbside collected organics including catering waste with meat and fish are brought to the Group’s ownin-vessel composting facilities where it’s mixed withgreen waste to produce high specification compost suited to agriculture. The item is used by farmers to help accentuate crop yield helping to complete the virtuous food circle.

Every year the UK throws away hundreds of tonnes of food waste which takes up essential landfill space. Desire to lift your recycling figures and help protect the ecosystem at precisely the same time? We can offer an all-inclusive food composting service where highly trained staff will ensure the hygienic collection and transfer of substances to a neighborhood processing site.

This service will permit you to dispose of a variety of waste food/products including:

Cooked and uncooked meat (including bones)
Preparation food scraps and platter leftovers
Paper towels
Tea bags and coffee grounds
Compostable cups, compostable cutlery

We can provide you with 30ltr pedal bins and secure compostable bags, making the composting process hassle free.

A Duty of Care notice will be issued on each individual collection, allowing you to chart the food composting journey from ‘cradle to grave’.

Other container sizes are available on request dependent on your demands.

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