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Construction sites and engineering companies produce sizeable amounts of hazardous waste. However they are not alone in facing the difficulties of disposing of hazardous waste. In fact many, if not most, other businesses also come into contact with these problems. Hazardous waste can be anything from fluorescent tubes and asbestos to things like batteries, adhesives and fridges. Any business can be affected from private medical practices to offices and cinemas.

Are you looking for a reliable and easy way to manage your hazardous waste stream? We might have the answer to your hazardous waste nightmares.

If you have to deal with your company’s hazardous waste, you already know it’s a bit of a headache. It can often seem as if every step of your waste disposal process is controlled by tiresome environmental regulations – just one foot wrong and there could be devastating consequences for your company. That’s why Waste Management Luton operate an expert hazardous waste management service that is both reliable and affordable.

At Waste Management Luton, we really pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. That’s why we are working towards a zero-landfill service, a goal that is not too far away. Employing our services could provide you with a green reputation, an edge your competitors may not have. You can be confident that your waste will be dealt with, not only quickly and professionally, but in a way that has little as possible impact to our environment.

Unlike other hazardous waste collection services, we don’t charge for container hire. That’s means when you opt for our daily, weekly or fortnightly flexible collection service, we provide you with a specialised hazardous waste container completely free of charge. What’s more, we don’t charge for Landfill Tax or Duty of Care either, making the whole process even more straightforward. We’ll take care of all your hazardous waste needs for you so you don’t need to worry. We’ll even provide you staff with hazardous waste training.

Not sure how we can help you? Please don’t hesitate to call us today to speak to our friendly team of waste consultants. We can even offer our clients a detailed waste survey free of charge. This enables us to determine the best way we can work with your company to suit its individual waste stream. Whether you require a lockable FEL, compactor or sharps units, we can meet your needs.

To enquire about your free bin or free waste survey, contact us now or call us on 01582 206 390. Ask us for a free, no obligations quote and we’ll get one back to you within 60 minutes.

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